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I actually include people who are especially cautious in buying a script or software that helps in generating better GA. I myself noticed that backlinks are very important in the SERP, so the script such as social Monkee very helpful. Creating scripts is also actually not too difficult if we are familiar with php, but of course if you want to post to the thousands of social bookmarking and research requires considerable time, I estimate about 1-2 months.
But because I saw the weakness of the system of referrals made by social monkey then i did this trick and do not create your own script. And especially the social script monkey was tested by tens of thousands of people, so that its success was assured.
The trick is simple:
1. Do not install the plugin from social Monkee before becoming a premium member.
2. If already installed, do the following: in Mozzila select the menu Tools-> Options, on the General Tab select Manage AddOn, then Disable Script Social Monkee.
3. Sign up for social Monkee to get a referral link.
3. Sign up for free email 12, try to vary, eg yahoo.com, yahoo.co.id, ymail.com, rocketmail.com, etc..
4. Prepare Open Proxy List, because the system used by social Monkee is an IP and an email may only register one time while using the browser open proxy then we will change the IP. To view a free list of open proxies I use http://www.xroxy.com/proxylist.php
5. Select the proxy port 8080 or port 80 (this port is used by the browser), select the type of Proxy anonymous is not transparent. Choose a True status (SLL With Support).
6. The way the proxy settings in the browser Mozzila: Select Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> Select the Network tab, select Connection Settings section.
7. Select Manual proxy configuration, check use this proxy server for all protocols.
8. Then fill in the http proxy to the proxy list before, for example: 93. 121. 58. 44 and port 8080 or 80 according filled degan open proxy list.
9. Please check using tracemyip. org, it would seem you as visitors from other countries (according to the proxy). Then go to the social with the Monkee your referral and register with a dummy email that you created above.
10. Activate membership referral that has been sent to the email. And congratulations you've got a referral. Do this 12 times, or perhaps more so not suspected by the owner of Monkee social. Do not forget to change the proxy as much as 12 times with a proxy list above.
Good luck.

I recommend that when using open proxies, do not open your personal data such as primary email (except the dummy e-mail reply was made), edit the wp-admin web-eg, a data bank, paypal login or GA. Because open proxy will record all your activities (rumors also recorded a password, so just in case do not open your personal data). And please do not use open proxy to click on your GA account, although it can be done, but google will know when you cheat, sooner or later. Remember that your open proxy is a free open proxy, so many are using the Proxy IP.
Hopefully useful.
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Report made good, and report the results of social Monkee post is also quite good. If we post with a regular 25 posts per day then the report can be viewed only half of his 12 report. If it's a premium then the report will be displayed that previously was closed all full. Until now this method can be used, maybe if no one has used it googling. Oh yes I did check free proxy much in use to social Monkee, probably many who already practice secretly. I have a list that has not been shared, for those who wish to list please PM only for 5 people, each will get 10 different IP. Sorry if anyone feels this way inhibits him from selling backlinks. Thank you.


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